UAL Futures – Made by Many

UAL Futures – Made by Many

First real UAL Futures event of the year, which took place at The Theatre in Central Saint Martin yesterday evening.

4 speakers Paul Hamilton (Made by Many), Kate Pincott (Belua), Sarah Walter (Metail) and Matt Cooper-Wright (IDEO) express their opionins about the skills that a digital designer would need to be successful nowadays.

They talked about their careers and the careers of the people who the work with in the case of Matt and what they are currently doing in their companies/start ups.

One of the point which interested me the most was whether for a digital designer is essential to know how to code or not. The general idea which emerged is that coding it’s not essential, you can have a career in digital design also without coding, it’s plenty of job roles where you don’t need to see a code, however it would be good to know a bit of everything at least at a general level.

Personally, I agree with this idea and especially with what Paul suggested: “just try to learn a bit everything and you might find something more interesting than you expected and you can focus on it.”


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