The first scene doesn’t work

The first scene doesn’t work

Few weeks ago I managed to shoot the first scene for my Speculative Design film, it was 30 seconds as expected, the weather was finally cloudy and sad, however it didn’t really work. It’s my first experience both as video director and as cameramen for something, say, built up. The scene is representing what I wanted, but really in a poor and not professional way (I’m not going to publish it here, in order to keep a bit of dignity).

I guess that the problem is the difficulty of the scene, in 30 seconds I tried way too many angles and mixing them up together has not been so successful. It happened that the two actors were walking faster in a frame and slower in another, at one point one of them was looking ahead and after a second, from another angle, on the side…well, let’s don’t get into details, as I said, it didn’t work and surely I can’t blame the actors which were very kind to help me with this.

After a reflection on what went wrong, I thought to try something different, easier to realise, so that I cannot make so many unprofessional mistakes.
The idea is to do the entire video in first person view. The script is pretty simple, it would be a person going out in the street and starting to cross his path with other people, some of them will be known, some of them not. It will be the machine to tell him.
The video could be just in a go-pro style, however I don’t have a go-pro and anyway I intend to structure it a bit and not simply walk in the street. I’ll use some actors to resemble some particular scenes, such as two people sitting down on park a bench staring at each other, without say a word, so clearly reading what the facial recognition machines are telling them.

From the technical point of view this video will be more focused on the post production in After Effects than the actual shooting, this makes me feel a bit more conmfortable since it’s the field I know better.


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