Shooting resume

Shooting resume

This morning the official shooting finally happened. Not everything from the script was respected, as the actors and their number (I wanted 5 people, but only 4 showed up) were different then expected and, most of all, I didn’t calculate that the areas designated for the shooting were incredibly crowded during the weekend. I usually walk past those streets during the week, being the location of my office, and I was not expecting all that traffic. For this reason, I had to change slightly the locations, which made it surely less appealing and cinematic, but at least I was able to shoot with a relative calm.

Overall the shooting went pretty good, I took quick and firm decisions, giving the impression to know exactly what I was doing (actors feedbacks), whereas I was improvising most of the time, being not expert at all filming and directing.

In the next days I’ll start the post production with Premiere Pro cutting and structuring the video at first and then with After Effects I’ll add the screens with people information popping up, like in the test shoot.

Here are a couple of pictures of me filming kindly taken by Pim.


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