ReCog – A speculative design film

ReCog – A speculative design film

Here is finally the short speculative design minutes called ReCog, not an extremely creative name, but I find it good as it partially mention the idea without being too explicit.

The film represents a girl walking in the street crossing her path with different people. The facial recognition machine identifies person by person, communicating to the user information about them and their relationship: whether they know each other, if they met or not and when they met. The machine is also suggesting to the user what to do.
In the end of the film the main character sees a person wearing a sort of camouflage, which makes her face not detectable. The machine will then call “it” (not managing to indetify the gender either) an “obscured”, so a defined term which makes think that this person actually belongs to a category of people using camouflage against facial recognition machines.


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