Here are the five presentations which show the stages of research and development of the Speculative Design project I’ve been working on.

The first presentation focuses on the topic which I decided to explore: Surveillance and Facial Recognition Systems,
giving an overview of the theme and its relation to the project original topic: Autonomous Weapons and Meaningful Human Control.

The second presentation explores 9 future scenarios characterised by further developments and implications of Facial Recognition technologies.

In the third presentation I selected only three of the previously hypothesised scenarios, describing them a bit more in deep, in order to find an unique scenario to focus scenario to focus on for my project.

This fourth presentation is a resume of the whole research process I went through with my project. It starts with the scenario which I chose to analyse and ends with a series of implications and consequences which may emerge. At the very end I propose three different scripts for a 3-minutes film to realise.

The fifth presentation explains the organisation of my speculative design critical report.


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