Max-MSP patch – part 1

Max-MSP patch – part 1

In this patch on the left through the microphone we can register a prolonged loud sound which will identify the blowing. A blow longer than 2 seconds will trigger the entire process, showing before the windmill turning, then a random number from 4 to 9 (they will be the shots to drink) is selected by the “urn” function. Each of the number will start a hypnotic video, higher the number, more intense the hypnotic effect.

In the right part of the patch, after 3 seconds that the video starts a camera will take a picture of the user, which is distorted with a fish eye effect. The user picture is stored until the video ends and finally it’s shown on the screen with a text over saying that this one is your face after that number of shots and you can see more pictures under and # on Twitter (this last bit is still not implemented in the patch).

The last part of the patch will be to send the picture on Twitter under a certain #.


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