Ledoliel – The post-modern dating app – #rmt1

Ledoliel – The post-modern dating app – #rmt1

Ledoliel is a strange dating toy for iOS, involving procedural creatures and their bizarre customs, where you must try and figure out what topics they might want to discuss, gift they might want to receive and places they may like to be touched – based on their cryptic attributes.

This is a project which perfectly describes our current cultural situation, where relationships have dramatically changed with the Internet and social networks. The most dramatic thing is that what has changed is not only the way to communicate, but the way to meet people and create relationship. If only a few years ago  seeking for relationship via digital chat was something regarding almost exclusively unlucky nerds, who would never find a partner if not through a chat (and behind their avatar), nowadays also attractive, smart people who would easily get attention and fix a date in the traditional way use these kind of apps.

Ledoliel is innovative compared to other apps in this field since it takes advantage from other factors of our society, such as randomness and playfulness, but most of all by the constant desire to break the boundaries, in this case between life and game.

Once dating was a very important thing in a person’s life, there was not date if not married or engaged, these traditions have been fading during the last centuries more and more until reaching this point where dating has almost no value at all, it might be just a game.


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