How to make the user feel drunk?

How to make the user feel drunk?

After a revision and a few discussions, we agreed that the scope of the interaction should be to make the user feel drunk, obviously without letting him drink.

An idea suggested by my course mate Mohamad was to give indication to the user and let him spin around and do some crazy stuff in order to make him feel dizzy afterwards. He sent me this video as reference:

I was not sure about this idea, however I proposed it to Alex to see what he thought, his answer was short and clear:

“Do you remember the installation of raining room where it would rain anywhere except on you? That — is cool.
Instructions to shake your head in this context is asking to go to the rain with an umbrella — not cool.”

After a laugh I couldn’t say anything anymore, idea clearly discarded.

We thought about some kinetic effects then, but finally the most reasonable and effective idea was to create hallucinations to the users with psychedelic videos.


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