(Hand)work in progress: day 4

(Hand)work in progress: day 4

Today I finished the wheel and it work…ed. Unfortunately, the bolts on which I sticked the skateboard wheels resulted too weak as soon as I tried it a few times and they started to bend slightly, impeding any further rotation of the wheel.

For this reason I decided to replace these bolts M8 with a threaded rod M10 which would go all across the base, much more resistant. Furthermore instead of using 4 bearings I opted for 8 bearings, on both sides of the wheel. The bearings will arrive tomorrow morning, so only then I’ll be able to test whether this solution will work or not. Hopefully it will, at least for the private view of the exhibition, which is tomorrow evening.

On the other hand, today I achieved something. I indeed fixed the sensors to the base of the wheel and inserted a magnet in one of the slates, so that each time the magnet will be passing in front of the sensors a rotation will be counted, triggering my app which will be able to determine Calories burned and Energy produced.

I placed the computer in position on a plinth and the leaderboard on a big vertical screen. At least that works.

Again thank you very much to the students of the MA Interaction Design Communication 15/16, who very patiently helped me also today. Today I have at least two names Mahmoud , Eva, Olivia, Nana and James.

Highlight of the day..well I tested the wheel and it worked, but I was quite scared to destroy everything, you can tell it from this.


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