First scene, good as a draft

First scene, good as a draft

Ok, I was to pretentious to expect a good first take and as usual I’ve been too cynical with myself and the scene which I thought was pretty bad, for Tobias (our visiting tutor for Speculative Design) is not bad at all, it’s actually a perfect first draft.
Took courage I show it here:


Apparently it was good how I played with the different camera angles, creating suspence, making clear that the two girls were going to cross their paths and something was going to happen. Furthermore, the text boxes which appear all in a sudden create a good surprise effect.
Tobias also suggested to do the rest of the film keeping the same style I used, rather than in first person as I had thought to proceed. I will just need a better camera I guess (which hopefully I’ll manage to rent at university) and better organisation with props and actors. As location I still want to stay in public and normal places, which would help to give the feeling that such technologies might enter our lives in a future not that far and not that different from now.


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