After a last review emerged that the part with Pim and Sofia crossing at 00:50 doesn’t really work. In the editing I indeed struggled to create this bit, as I’m missing a frame of Pim coming towards Sofia. Unfortunately, I realised only in the post-production phase that this was missing, too late to reshoot it.
However I tried to play a bit with it, inserting a frame where Pim is slightly ahead, in a careful observation it would be clear that there is something wrong as Pim after a second is 4 steps back, but it should do to trick for a normal viewing, I tested it already on a couple of people and they didn’t notice anything strange.

Secondly, a scene with more people is missing, would have been useful to see how the system works in a crowded situation recognising more than one person at once. This is something which was in my original idea, but eventually I haven’t realised as I was override by this idea of one to one recognition. Unfortunately this can be done only in case of a future development of the video, as the main actress Sofia, through which eyes the story is told is currently not in London and would inconsistent to show such a scene through the eyes of someone else.


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