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Digital Nomad in Canggu

Digital Nomad in Canggu

After 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Where I stayed only for few days as the weather was not the best, pouring rain every afternoon, all afternoon. After all I knew that. I did my research before leaving and wrote everything in a spreadsheet called When to visit, you can have a look at it here.

Blue stands rainy season, green for dry season and dark green for peak season.

Now I’ve been in Bali for about a week, I’m based in Canggu which is a place I love. It’s a little surf town, a bit further up north than Kuta and Semyniak, which are undoubtedly the most touristy and chaotic places in Bali. On the contrary of these places though, Canggu is far less popular, keeping a chilled feeling and relaxed atmosphere. Surely there are parties here as well, but it’s not the place where people comes specifically to party and get fucked up like in Kuta.

The style of this place is very hipster, a bit like East London with cheap prices. People living here are surfers, bloggers, yoga freaks or the 3 put together. Given such population it’s full of places with healthy food, gluten-free and shits like that. Everyone is very friendly, cool and beautiful…yep really beautiful, both men and women, annoyingly sometimes, shrinking your self-esteem step by step.

It looks like this is one of the main hubs in Asia for digital nomads. After all it has all the requirements and facilities. I met already several people from a bit all over the world who are working here remotely, as designer, marketers, developers or with their own start-ups. There are several bars made exactly to work remotely, you can see people with their laptops all day long. Working and chilling, chilling and working…or just chilling and chilling, but of course with a laptop in front of them to pretend they’re actually being useful.

Besides the bars there is a co-working space called Dojo, there is a monthly fee to be there of about £15. Quite reasonable I’d say. Considering that such space has standing desk, normal desks, hammocks, lounge chais, a bar and a pool in the middle for a little dive after sending an email.

Not sure what I’m gonna do in the next days yet, but I think I’ll stay here for a while.


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