The Nido Collection

Branding for the luxury student accommodation The Nido Collection and the materials realised in the past 2 years.

CLIENT: The Nido Collection

The old brand

Following the last decade trend of student accommodations (according to which everything related to students –  youngsters – had to be colourful and playful) Nido Student Living brand was dominated by three colours: orange, purple and olive green. While, the simple logotype, often accompanied by a slogan, was made of 4 letters in 4 different fonts.

Nido Student Living Logo

From Student Living to Collection

The Nido Collection indicates not just a collection of rooms or buildings, rather a collection of people, a global network of inspiring individuals who started their careers, as students, at Nido. This concept is reproduced in symbol composing the logo, which captures the true meaning of the word Nido. Inspired by the Spanish and Italian word for ‘nest’, it represents an intersection of our resident’s ideas, their paths, their stories and experiences.

Nido Logo Sketch 01

Nido Logo Sketch 02

Nido Logo Sketch 03

Nido Logo Sketch 04

Nido Logo Final

The Nido Collection Logo

Designed to be used confidently in all sizes, the logo consists in the nest symbol placed above or on the side of the text. Depending on the application the logo can be used on one, two or three lines.

Reversed Logo

White out versions of the logo is used when a black version is not suitable for use.

Residences Logo

The abstract shapes of these logos resemble the main features of the building they represent. All residences logos only appear in conjunction with the collection logos.

Nido West Hampstead Logo

Current residence

Nido Spitalfields Logo

Until 2015

Nido King's Cross Logo

Until 2015

Nido Notting Hill Logo

Until 2015


With its sharp and geometrical shapes Verlag is The Nido Collection primary use typeface. It is generally used in all weights, with the exception of Black which is used only in very rare occasion. Titles are usually All Caps Bold, subtitles are All Caps Light and text is Regular for printing or Light for web.

The Nido Collection Verlag Font

Colour Palette

A clean, timeless grayscale colour palette with one main accent colour has been created for use. Besides the enhancement of the brand’s premium spirit, the choice of neutral colours allows a perfect integration with pictures.





R: 62 G: 69 B: 67





R: 53 G: 104 B: 178



C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0


R: 255 G: 255 B: 255



C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 30


R: 190 G: 190 B: 190


The Nido Collection Stationery

The Nido Collection Letterhead

The Nido Collection Letterhead

The Nido Collection Business Cards

The Nido Collection pencils


The Nido Collection Keycards


The Nido Collection Newspapers

Coffee Table Book

The Nido Collection Coffee Table Book - Rooms






The Nido Collection Website

Event Posters

The Nido Collection Event Posters

Fair stand

The Nido Collection Fair Stand

Other applications


nido_football_team  The Nido Collection Sign