Nido Fest 2016

Branding for a summer music festival organised by the premium student accommodation The Nido Collection.

CLIENT: The Nido Collection

Logo Proposals

A set of logos have been proposed for the music festival of the student accommodation The Nido Collection. Besides its name (Nido Fest), also the artwork had to reveal a connection with the brand, so the “nest symbol” from The Nido Collection logo has been reworked in a sketched version sided by a handwritten/paint brush text.

NidoFest logo proposal 01

NidoFest logo proposal 02

NidoFest logo proposal 03

NidoFest logo proposal 04

NidoFest logo proposal 05

NidoFest logo proposal 06

NidoFest logo proposal 07


Being a summer festival some lively and happy colour gradients have been proposed.

Final logo

The shape has been slightly smoothed and the year added.

NidoFest Logo


Artwork in line with all the other The Nido Collection events posters.

NidoFest Poster


White t-shirt to be sold to the public and black t-shirt for the staff.

NidoFest t-shirt front

NidoFest back t-shirt front

NidoFest staff t-shirt front

NidoFest back staff t-shirt front

NidoFest Merchandise

NidoFest JUDAS

NidoFest Todd from JUDAS

NidoFest Team

NidoFest Backdrop

NidoFest Light